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” I created and developed  ART CONNECT during my 9 year stay in Mexico City as an extension of my studio based work- bridging the gap of accessibility, culture and engaging the wider global community. Since then ART CONNECT has flourished into a catalyst of its own forging its way around Europe and my native country of Trinidad, winning awards, screening at prominent film festivals, showcased at the Liverpool Biennial and implemented at the Kade Museum in the Netherlands “.

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ART CONNECT- DOCUMENTARY from wendell mc shine on Vimeo.

ART Connect – Liverpool Biennial , UK:
“We all share a common interest to the well being of our societies
and self expression is one of our core values both as individuals and groups.
I have created the Art Connect Project rooted in the philosophy that investment
in education, art and humanities is vital for the uplifting and development of any society.
This program is created to promote self awareness through the use of educational and
dynamic creative workshops ¨.

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ARTS PROJECT- documentary from wendell mc shine on Vimeo.
ART Connect Pilot Project – Trinidad & Tobago:

Grant funding by Atlantic LNG Limited
“The mission is to plant seeds of consciousness in our youth´s through art so that they can
live their full potential and bring up their communities. ” 
These avenues didn’t exist
when I was growing up in the islands, it´s my personal vision to give back to my people.”
The Project created a tapestry in which the concept of Self Awareness was interwoven
through the many creative workshops: film production, designs, music therapy,
animation and urban techniques of mural making.

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The aim of the workshop (Art Connect) was to bring together young people
from different communities and backgrounds to work alongside
artist Wendell Mc Shine in building a sculpture with recycled
material to be displayed in the museum as a part of the exhibition
who more sci-fi than us’.

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ART Connect – Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago:

Cleaning up communities and inspiring young minds. Through this dynamic art project the young people of Success Laventille Secondary School, together with international artist Wendell Mc Shine embark on a series of highly creative community murals in an on going visual dialogue on the walls of the countries most crime infested areas Laventille Trinidad. Grant funding by Coconut Growers Association (CGA). Mc Shine engages the young people and the community through a series of creative indoor and outdoor workshops to foster togetherness and self-empowerment. these photos holds testimony of Wendell´s passion for public art works.

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